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Common Questions

What animals can Alabama Wildlife Pro help me with?

As an Alabama-based company, we are experienced in the removal and re-entry prevention of essentially all Alabama wildlife. There are laws protecting certain species in Alabama, but if your problem includes one of these, we will get removal approval from the applicable Federal or State Wildlife Division.


 Does Alabama Wildlife Pro remove unwanted domestic animals like dogs and cats?

No, we deal exclusively with wild animals. For assistance with dogs or cats, you should first contact your local animal control services.


Does Alabama Wildlife Pro provide pest control services?

No, we do not provide eradication services for termites, fleas, ants, or other types of common insects. If you have a serious infestation we have pest control partners that can take care of your needs.


Does Alabama Wildlife Pro have offices throughout Alabama?

We are a family-owned and operated business located in Alabaster providing services throughout Central Alabama. This is our only location, and we are not a franchised business.


How much do wildlife removal services cost?

This depends on the specific situation. For example, a one-time removal of an opossum family from your basement would cost less than ongoing trapping efforts to rid your attic of flying squirrels. Our technicians will provide a written estimate before starting the job, and we will never take advantage of a dangerous or scary situation to charge you more. We will always strive to provide prompt solutions at a fair price.


What if the animal or animals return?

After removal, we will work with you to provide preventive services to help ensure the animals do not re-enter your home. In most cases, our services come with a written guarantee stating that if the animals re-enter during a specified amount of time, we will remove the animals and repair any damage at no cost to you.


Is Alabama Wildlife Pro licensed and insured?

Yes, we are an established, respected company with all necessary licenses and  insurance coverage to protect you and your property.

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